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The resources on this site have been developed by Paul Flecknell and his colleagues at Newcastle, including Dr Claire Richardson, Dr Matt Leach, Dr Johnny Roughan, Dr Amy Miller, and other members of the PAWS research group. The content of the training modules has been reviewed by an expert steering group, and by many of our professional colleagues. 
The course developers thank all those organisations that have supported our efforts to develop training materials, most recently the NC3Rs,  the Scottish Accreditation Board (SAB) and the Institute of Animal Technology. We also thank LAWTE, Swiss 3Rs Foundation and the Prince Laurent Foundation. We also wish to thank all those who have given their time to comment on the content of our courses. 

About FLAIRE Learning

Interactive resources to support the training of laboratory animal research workers and to continue the professional development of others who work with laboratory animals.

Flecknell Laboratory Animal Interactive Resources for Education

UK Accrediting Body Support

The Royal Society of Biology, the Universities’ Training Group and the Scottish Accreditation Board support the use of these eModules as part of the training requirements for Personal Licence holders in the UK.

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