eModule : Recognition and Prevention of Pain, Suffering and Distress in Laboratory Animals

This eModule provides an introduction to the recognition and prevention of pain, suffering and distress in laboratory animals, to the level required to meet the learning objectives in EU Module 5.

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Course Curriculum

Recognition and Prevention of Pain, Suffering and Distress in Laboratory Animals
EU05 Section 1 : Why Animal Welfare Matters 00:06:00
An introduction to why animal welfare matters and how in addition to ethical considerations, poor welfare can impact research.
EU05 Section 2 : Clinically Assessing Animals 00:22:00
Carrying out clinical assessments, including optional examples of fish welfare.
EU05 Section 3 : Scoring Systems for Welfare Assessment 00:19:00
Using scoring systems for structured welfare assessments in rats and mice.
EU05 Section 4 : Identifying Causes and Treatments 00:20:00
Deciding what actions to take when dealing with laboratory animal welfare problems.
EU05 Section 5 : Humane Endpoints and Severity Classifications 00:12:00
Applying humane endpoints and assessing cumulative severity.
EU05 Animal Welfare Notes 00:00:00
Easy access to all of the images, video and text in the eModule.
EU05 Vet Records 00:00:00
Examples of welfare problems in a range of species.
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Meets all of the learning objectives in EU Module 5.

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